Book hangover

Just finished re-reading my absolute number 1 favourite book of all time, and now I’m… in that weird mood. Book hangover mood.

I’ve read this book maybe ten times since I was sixteen and first got it from a relative, and I’ve been waiting so long since the last time because when you know a book by heart, you’re not really reading it. So I had to wait until I could feel it again, and now I’ve done it. Squeezed the last drops out of it for a while, and it makes me happy and sad and nostalgic, and now I don’t really know what to do with myself…

But hubby’s making something yummy downstairs, and food solves all problems, so I guess it’s dinner and a glass of wine, and another five year wait until I can read it again. Because I will. Because some books are like friends, and even if you lose touch, you’ll never forget.

I guess I’m saying that books matter. Whoever the writer is, whatever their views and politics and prejudice and whatever, a book is a world unto itself. Books may come through us, but we don’t own them. And for every person who reads, they mean something different.

The artist is flawed. The work is perfect. Just be grateful for those times when the words or the notes or the colours settle in the pattern that’s just for you, because nothing can take that away.

4 thoughts on “Book hangover

  1. Ingela Bohm Post author

    I’m almost afraid to say, because many people have a problem with it and/or the author, but here goes: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. 🙂


  2. Jason Preater

    Oh, i have no problem with Ender’s Game. I enjoyed reading the whole Ender series. When I was teaching I had a bookshelf at the end of the classroom- a wall of books. On that wall there were books that I had chosen and books that I had picked up because the kids were reading them. It was a young American girl who put me onto the Ender books and they were a great series for kids to read at High School- very popular. We also read Enemy of the People, which sort of followed on.

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