Morning mist and memories

The view from my train station can be truly stunning when the weather’s right. And this is just an iPhone pic without filters! (Yep, I regret not bringing my new camera…)

It was on a morning like this (slightly misty, with a cold sun just barely breaking through) that I walk-dictated Xavier’s initial Guy-confusion in All You Can Eat, and that waterside path will always make me think of those scenes.

It’s funny how the brain works. There’s a park in Gothenburg that will always make me think of the Beatles, because I used to listen to them while I walked to university early in the morning, and our downstairs kitchen will always hum Ghost because I listened to them while I painted it.

Some things are branded on our memories because our brains deemed them miraculous or life-saving enough to store forever – and apparently, for me, the hazy horizon of this harbour is one of those things.

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