Last year’s goals


It’s a dangerous thing, setting up goals. It can make us focus and work hard towards something we want, but it can also turn out to be too hard, and then we tend to beat ourselves up because we weren’t perfect.As if what we did achieve was worthless.Look at the target above. It’s been hanging on that tree for a year. It’s been rained on, snowed over and yanked at by the wind. But it’s still there, as a reminder that you didn’t succeed with every shot. The holes are still there, showing you how all your efforts mostly failed. Not a single hit in the bull’s eye.But wait… you hit other things. Those points don’t disappear just because you didn’t get the highest score. One day, those points may come in handy, even if they’re not enough to beat the champion – but who cares about the champion? This is about you.And if all else fails, look at the warm green of the trees behind the target. Maybe a walk through the woods is a better bet right now than aiming for excellence? You can always set a new goal next year: a clean slate, a fresh piece of paper. There’s still time for both failure and success.

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