A Return of the King moment

I had such a cinematic moment yesterday evening. I was out photographing in the woods, but I’d given up on account of the cloudy sky, so I was packing my camera into my bag. Then suddenly, the sun came out for thirty seconds and set the hillside completely ablaze! It was like that moment in the ROTK movie where Frodo and Sam see the head of a statue with a crown of white flowers.


Of course I didn’t have the time to photograph it properly. I just whipped out my camera again – and my umbrella, because it started raining at the same time – and snapped a few pictures, just hoping for the best. The ground was almost yellow, and the trees cast such black shadows…


Yeah, I know. You can’t see how spectacular it was. But at least I have the memory. And even if it does irk me that I didn’t capture it on camera, I know I wouldn’t even have been in that part of the forest if not for my photo quest, and then I wouldn’t have seen it. So sometimes, even if you don’t have a perfect product to show for your efforts, the experience was still worth it.

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