On the bus home yesterday, when I was counting backwards from 1000 to zero to stop thinking about my aching back, we passed this field of dandelions. I was momentarily distracted from my pain, and decided to come back and photograph them today.

So this morning I took my iPod with me – filled with sound files from my study participants – and listened to them while I took a stroll along the country roads and captured oodles of bright yellow gold.

And I learned something – or rather, something was confirmed that I’d already read in photography books and blogs: that direct noon sunlight can just blast the colours to oblivion. Many pictures ended up blown out, and that lovely yellow just looked white.

Okay. Lesson learned.

But I also love photographing backlit things, and the weather was fine for that.


A typical Swedish field of flowers: mostly yellow, with the odd white and purple.

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