Something completely different

We went on holiday and I didn’t take my camera with me, because I didn’t want to feel obligated to take good pictures all the time (and in hindsight I’m glad I never handled it with my sunscreen-y fingers). So these are just a collection of pics from my phone, as a break in the Swedish humdrum.

If there’s something I love, it’s mountains. Also, look at the colour of that sea! Alanya from above.

2016-07-05 15.06.44


2016-07-05 15.06.45


2016-07-05 15.06.47-1

At home, we have a poor struggling creature in a flower pot. It doesn’t look like this:




Another thing I love is ruins. There’s just something comforting about everything coming to an end, and I like fantasizing about lives long gone, since anything is possible.




These were everywhere.




I had to take one sunset photo. 🙂

2016-07-05 20.03.04-1

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