Endless summer

We had a series of thunder storms today, which is fun all in itself, but the best part was the humidity they left behind. The creek looked like it was smouldering, and I stayed out in the woods for something like three hours to capture it all.




Now when I look at the pictures I took, I imagine the lyrics to Pax song Endless Summer.

“… Endless summer
won’t you stay here
stay her with me
with me
inside this

endless summer
won’t you stay here
together with me
with me
in this endless summer…”








I’m reminded of something I read in a book on photography: that to take great pictures, you need to be willing to go out when everyone else stays in. So true. And so, so worth it.




I didn’t see the little slug until I zoomed in on the pictures after I got home!




I think I stayed by the creek for half an hour, just snapping away.






When the gold turned to bluish twilight, I ventured into the woods to capture some misty trees.






Everything was so quiet, so humid and so warm. When I got back home, everyone had gone to sleep. 🙂



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