Cabin weekend

Come Monday, it’s back to the dayjob for me. To squeeze the last drops out of my wonderful vacation, M and I went to our cabin in the woods – not for the last time, mind you. We like to go there now and then during the autumn as well. As long as there’s no snow, we persevere.

I had to take a new version of this beautiful line of birches to see if my new wide-angle lens (yay) makes any difference. I think it does. The picture is sharper, for one, and that lovely golden green of the birch leaves sort of pops, doesn’t it?


While the others sat by the fire, I set off on my usual quest for evening pink skies and mist. I was not disappointed.






On Saturday, we went for groceries in a nearby village, and my hopes for a picture from the mountain were dashed because of the rain. But on the way back, it let up, and the dispersing clouds were so dramatic over the lake.




This is what I saw when I turned back to shore! Hard to believe that it’s the same day with the same weather, isn’t it?


The whole weekend was both warm and sunny and cool and rainy. Apparently the perfect conditions for redcurrants, because look how they developed over only two days:






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