Evening glow (again!)

I’m running out of headings! It’s all pink and glow, evening light, mist and summer. *happy sigh* Welcome troubles, all considered.

But maybe in a few weeks, the colours and moods will start changing, when autumn starts creeping up on us. I can already feel the cool breath of it snaking through the trees. We no longer have that heavy heat of July, that just seems to weigh everything down with contentment and laziness. Instead there’s a fresh tang that tells you it’s time to get things done!

But it’s still summer, and the world is still a golden place. Yesterday, I chased the setting sun all over the landscape, and for once, I managed to catch a few mosquitoes as well! You can see them dancing above the grass, little motes of glittery dust in the sunlight.


I can’t get enough of these backlit things. It’s as if that halo surrounding them makes them more real and more ethereal at the same time!


Everything comes to life in the evening light. During the day, there’s just the woods, but when the sun sets, they turn into individual trees.


A tangle of gold.


A few minutes after sunset. The gold has turned to pink.


I’m not sure what that pine tree wants with the moon!


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