Messages of fall

Summer isn’t quite over yet, but autumn is sort of sending its scouts out. Like the odd leafy plant turning a gorgeous red colour.


Others turn greenish yellow. Just the odd branch here and there, like a memento mori for trees.


In the rain, the colour of the tree trunks becomes so vivid. Like they’re more there than usual. Here seen against a ‘dead ice tarn’ – a pond left behind by the retreating ice age.


A perfect toadstool. We didn’t eat this one, of course, but we did find several kilos of sheep polypore and boletus that we’ve been gorging ourselves on for a week!


And for someone who loves mist and fog, I’m now getting my fill.


Finally, the willow herb has reached the end of its blooming period, and is now releasing its seeds for next year. Yesterday, the air was filled with them, just sailing around on the wind, gleaming in the sunshine. I think they deserve several pictures!








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