Future uncertain but bright



This morning was misty but bright, and I was nervous because I was headed for yet another disappointing first-meeting-with-the-medical-profession.

But soft – what light through yonder window breaks?


This woman was a miracle worker, and an oracle to boot. She told me exactly everything that was wrong with my back (not a short list after 40 years on this Earth), and as she talked, I realized that I’d heard something similar – from my school nurse, when I was thirteen.

Of course, when that nurse discovered my problems, she immediately began treatment or at least referred me to someone who could do it.

Hahaha. Now, that would require the system to work, wouldn’t it?

She just said I was crooked and then let me go.

And so, almost thirty years later, I have prickles in my arms and hands, inflammations in my neck and shoulders, two steel bars running down my back to hold me up, and aches and pains in my hips and lower back.

Enter the miracle worker again. She kneaded and pulled and jostled me this way and that, and then gave me specific exercices to do until next time. “But wait,” I said as the clock raced towards the end of the appointment, “There’s this stretching exercice I was told to do and it hurts like hell and afterwards I feel all wobbly and weird,” and I got down on my knees and showed her…

And there was almost no pain at all.


I don’t often say ‘Halleluiah’, but today might just merit that kind of hyperbole. Fingers super crossed that this will actually work!

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