As long as we’re lying…

… we might as well do it in style. Last night’s harvest comes with the same disclaimer as yesterday. Don’t be fooled by the colours, but do enjoy. 🙂

My first trip yielded quite little. The odd star here and there. The sky was not at all this deep, rich blue colour, but otherwise it’s pretty accurate.


Since it was still a bit too bright, I went inside and did my back exercices. Then I went out again, because I saw something flicker in the sky and suspected that it was the aurora again. The dark path I walked crackled with frost and everything glittered in the light from my mobile. When I snapped my first picture, there it was.


And although this is as far from starless as you can come, I have to finally mention the concert I went to last Saturday. King Crimson. Oh wow. I mean, I knew they were good, but I wasn’t expecting my soul to be forced open.

I can’t really describe it, which is kind of weird for an author. “I were but little happy if I could say how much,” as Shakey would have it. But during Starless and Bible Black, I closed my eyes, and this is what I saw.


During the instrumental part, it felt like I lived through an entire night, with an anguished dawn at the end. As if it was programme music. I just felt it. Like a van Gogh painting, or maybe Munch. Amazing.

And 21st Century Schizoid Man? They could have gone on playing the same song for an hour, and I wouldn’t have minded. I was at the edge of my seat. The drum solo pounded in my blood. I was there.


And now I’m wondering… maybe I should let Michael and Jamie go to a resurrected King Crimson concert as a full-circle thing in the fifth and final Pax book? The reason Jamie decided to be friends with Michael despite his reticence was literally, and I quote, “a live King fucking Crimson album”! 😀 It would be such a nice wink at the past, and a love note to a band I only discovered a couple of years ago.

The opposite of an author’s revenge. 🙂


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