The Moon

In the Tarot, the Moon stands for confusion, fear and madness, but also for imagination and genius. The light of the moon is bluish and eerie, it makes shadows deep and landscapes pale. It can be hard to find your way in its otherworldly glare – you stumble and fall, you lose your way, you succumb to the magic and howl with the wolves.


But for those who dare to brave this world of illusions, the rewards can be bountiful. It’s during the long dark night of the soul that you find those crazy leaps of logic that spark new innovations and bring the world forward; it’s in this timeless land that artists, musicians and poets find their muse; and if you make it to the other side and wake to a new dawn, you may be holding the answer to your question in your hand – because it came to you in the very dreamscape that almost stole your sanity.

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