Fumbling through the darkness

As always, my creative endeavours mirror real life. I’m struggling to find a way to photograph the night, and at the same time, I’m dealing with some personal darkness that has nothing to do with the camera.


And smack bang in the middle of these unexpectedly rough times, my dissertation deadline is looming. Next Wednesday marks the end of writing, rewriting and polishing. By then, it has to be done, even though parts of it still feel as confusing as an out-of-focus tangle of branches.


I will do it. I know I will. But I’m running on fumes, looking at my own words as if through a haze of clouds. Wondering what on earth I’m trying to say.


Yes, it’s safe to say that the final six months of my doctoral studies did not turn out the way I thought they would. Between my back pain and family trouble, my schedule has been shot to hell. But hey, it’s just a dissertation – the least important part of my life. And outside my window, there’s still a wealth of beauty. In a few days, I might head out and look at it.


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