More is more

Tonight was the perfect evening to bring in the Christmas tree and do the last bit of decorating. I’m recovering from a nasty cold and needed something fun to do and nice to look at, so we decided it was time.


The best thing I ever did (Christmas-wise) was to butcher a plastic tree and snip off all the branches, because now I have material for a whole big bunch of these things. I also keep buying decorations at flea markets, because you really can’t have too many of them!



While I worked with the tree, hubby read to me about the history of the Christmas tree. It’s become quite the tradition that he reads aloud about… well, traditions!


And now it’s done, all we have to do is enjoy the glitter and the lights.


4 thoughts on “More is more

  1. Ingela Bohm Post author

    Thank you, Pete! Our trees are very… let’s say “slim” compared to other countries’! 😀 But nothing compares to bringing that smell of the forest inside the house. I’m glad you’re getting in the mood!

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