Reindeer Monday

During an outing today, we ran into two herds of reindeer. Normally the roads are full of them this time of year, but they’ve been kind of absent lately, probably because there’s been so little snow: they can find things to eat in the forest, so they don’t have to come out and clutter up the traffic. But now that it’s snowed, they’ve finally showed up.




When I say “finally”…

Not everyone loves them. They’re kind of a nuisance – a bit like sheep in Wales or Yorkshire. Won’t leave the road for hell nor high water. Just run in front of you for miles. I think they’re related, reindeer and sheep.

But for photography? Yes please! Look at these beauties.



The Sami still herd them for a living, but they use modern machines like snow mobiles to work nowadays. During the winter, the reindeer are allowed to roam freely, which means that we see a lot more of them than in the summer, when they’re in the mountains.




They’re nosey creatures. 🙂

If you look closely, you can see the misty breath coming out of this one’s nose.


As long as you stay in the car, they’re totally calm. But as soon as you step out to find a better vantage point for snapping pictures, BAM they’re off!



As you can see in the video below, they dig with their hooves in the snow to get at the grass and whatnot underneath.



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