Spring skyscapes

I’ve just realised that I’ve never really noticed the turn of the seasons. Sure, I see the big things – everyone does – but I’m not talking about snow melting or buds bursting. I mean the more subtle stuff, like what the clouds look like.


I bought my camera last April and started photographing a lot of sunsets, but as time went on I shifted to other things. Now that spring has arrived again, I sort of understand why. As I look out of the window in the evenings, there it is again: the dramatic sky I remember from last spring.


This time of year also has a specific palette. When the sun sets the clouds turn golden, and then a coppery-salmony red that’s unique to spring. I would never have known if not for my camera. I even have evidence from last year on this very blog.


Hubby seldom takes walks just for the sake of it, but spring gets to him too. So tonight we went for a stroll through the village, just to smell the wet mud and last year’s grass, and to see the last rays from a sun that will grow ever stronger as the Earth turns.


I’m so grateful to have found a way to experience the more subtle signs of the turning seasons – the small things that you don’t see unless you make a project of it. It makes me think there are probably a lot of other beautiful things that we fail to notice just because we don’t have a reason to really look.


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