Rebirth in neon green

I almost want to apologise for how fake these photos look, but if anything, they’re less intense than reality. Wherever you go, the sun pierces through millions of breaking birch buds, creating tiny explosions of green light. Like chlorophyll stars, fallen to Earth.




Sick of birches yet? 🙂 Here’s a closeup.


And one of a felled tree whose leaves haven’t died yet.


The lower the sun sinks, the more intense the contrast between that neon green and the darkening background.


Or if you half close your eyes, it turns into a yellowish fuzz.


The stream is still overflowing with melted snow.


We ended the evening on our new balcony – where we still don’t have a door, so we have to climb out of a window! But who cares when the view is 360 degrees of hilly forest? A taster:

Hubby is quite contented. 🙂


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