The Road Taken (Pax Cymrica #2)

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Road Taken fire mindre

When the only way to be together is to stay apart.

Michael and Jamie have one rule to follow in their new life as touring musicians: DON’T. Don’t share rooms. Don’t collaborate on the songs. Don’t even look at each other without permission from the powers that be.

But the music is suffering. The chemistry that made the band is gone, together with their happiness. It all seems hopeless, until they get an idea: what they need is an innocent front. In short, a beard. Sapphire offers to help, and while they get a little more than they bargained for, the price they pay seems worth it.

But when Michael has an accident, they have to hire a temporary bassist. The new guy may be a virtuoso on his instrument, but he also has plans above his station. Little by little, Michael’s place both in the band and by Jamie’s side is taken over by other people.

The question becomes, how much is he willing to sacrifice to stay in the closet?

“Ingela Bohm generated some really strong emotions in me, both about and toward her characters and their shitty situations. That’s the hallmark of a great writer for me … Bohm is a force to be reckoned with in this genre.” (The Novel Approach)

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