Rival Poet

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Rival Poet ARe

Even a genius can be a fool in love.

When young Will Shaksper arrives in London to peddle his poems, he has no idea what he’s in for. Meaning to stay for just a few days, he’s thrown completely off course when he meets Kit Marlowe. Charismatic and dangerous, this wunderkind of verse takes an eager interest in the newcomer. Before Will knows it, their shared passion for poetry has transformed into an attraction as irresistible as it is forbidden.

Because this is the sixteenth century. Love between men isn’t just frowned on, it can lead to the gallows. When Kit is called away on a state mission, Will does his best to suppress the feelings he doesn’t even have a name for. But how can he write when his muse is gone? Why does Kit keep disappearing? And what’s the awful secret that makes his eyes echo with a lifetime of pain?

A fresh look at two of England’s brightest literary stars, this romance blends the authentic mood of Elizabethan London with contemporary dialogue to paint a love story that’s as alive today as it was four hundred years ago.

“Meticulously researched; Elizabethan London comes alive on the pages … Snippets of the works of both Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare are expertly woven into the dialogue … A truly memorable work” (Hearts on Fire Reviews)

“Fascinating, thought provoking and impossible to put down … It reminded me of the joys I felt reading Shakespeare’s work when I was a child. (Multitasking Mommas)

“I fell in love with Will and Kit their chemistry was evident from their first meeting.” (World of Diversity)

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