Funny how I don’t have that problem at ALL


People are different. I don’t know how this continues to be such a big fucking pill to swallow. We’re supposed to be a smart species, aren’t we? And yet time and again, people (myself included) dismiss other people’s troubles by pointing out that we don’t have that problem. That in their shoes, this is what we would do, and how simple it would be if they could only be like us.

Don’t like parties? Simple solution: start to like them. Have trouble with a person in power oppressing you? Simple: tell them to be nice. Want to write a book and have writer’s block? Simple: unblock yourself. Can’t walk? Just try. Look at me, I can walk, so why shouldn’t you be able to?

I’m shy. “Well, just get out there and be yourself.”

I’m bullied. “So stand up to them.”

I’m depressed. “So do something fun.”

I’m stupid. “Um… Sorry, there’s no known cure.”

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