Bread is life

First, a note: I feel guilty for posting anything remotely normal. It’s too early, it’s too meaningless. I should be living in a cave for a year to honour the dead.

On the other hand, I feel more obligated to LIVE than I have in a long time. Like I’ve been reminded how precious this world is, and what’s the point of being left behind if you don’t make the most of it?

So tonight I did something I haven’t done for twenty years: I baked.


Hubby had cooked vegetables in chicken stock for dinner, and I used the left over broth for my bread. Managing my resources in a way that connects me to the rest of human history.

It’s a funny thing about autumn – I get this primeval urge to gather, to put away, to stock up on things. Normally I just go for ready-made preserves, but tonight it felt right to do something with my hands.



Bread. The symbol for life.

In the days after news of a death, it’s impossible not to feel like you’re making a statement.


5 thoughts on “Bread is life

  1. fernando

    hello, there is nothing like a rich homemade bread, it looks very delicious, because you say it is a statement to the news of a death ?, apologize for the question if it is uncomfortable, but I was struck by the comment, ¿ has relation with the photograph of the gentleman in the refrigerator ?, greetings, fernando.

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  2. Ingela Bohm Post author

    In a way it has! I discovered his photo in the corner after I took the picture, and he passed away last winter. Someone else passed away this month though, so the post was originally about that. It’s been a rough year… :-/


  3. fernando

    hello, I understand, a lot of encouragement then, it is the inevitable and natural in life, we all go there, the best therapy is what you are doing, the lord of photography is your father?, has a similarity to you, a hug from the distance, Fernando.

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