A night at the Moulin Rouge

The other day we had a very special night at the cinema. A famous comedian and band performed in what usually functions as our living room! In a record-breaking evening, 150 people were crammed into a space that usually holds, um, two or three…

Sadly we had to turn away some people who wanted tickets, because the cinema was really full to bursting point. It quickly heated up like a sauna, but what a night! The audience was in high spirits, and the show was at times funny and at times sad, with songs ranging from biting political satire to melancholic odes to bygone times and long gone people.


Here are some pictures from the evening.












And finally, here is a small memento from the evening. If you don’t understand Swedish, all of this is fucking funny, okay?*

* Hat off to Eddie Izzard for the original joke.

4 thoughts on “A night at the Moulin Rouge

  1. fernando

    hello, wow !!, do you have a cinema at home ?, I see that you do not have a bad time, ha ha ha … good panoramas, I liked this: if you do not understand Swedish it’s all fucking funny, okay? ja … understood !!!. Greetings, Fernando.

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  2. Ingela Bohm Post author

    Haha, yes, we actually live in the same house as the cinema. We have made a door into the adjacent apartments and use it to, well, watch movies! 🙂 Such luxury.


  3. fernando

    wow, who like you, ha ha ha … I think I saw a previous post, where are you and your husband playing pool, is there, right ?, very well done, greetings, Fernando.

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