Cold beauty

It’s official. Autumn is at its lasp gasp.


This weekend has been freezing cold, but with those minus degrees comes a special kind of beauty – a cold, blue beauty that’s like a soft exhalation after the flurry and buzz of summer.


No mosquitoes, no flies. Nothing that lives anymore. Just the drained, brittle grass and a sun that shines on the clear lifelessness of an autumn lake.


Everything is losing even its yellow hues and turning brown instead.






At times, it looks like a fire-ravaged wasteland…



But then suddenly, the light hits it just so, and you can see slivers of ice glinting on the surface of a stream, or the dull grass turns to gold.





And finally, of course, a couple of seed pictures. I just love the delicate strands that stir in the faintest breeze and catch the final ray of sun as it sinks into the forest.



2 thoughts on “Cold beauty

  1. fernando

    hello ingela, and to think that here where I live we are beginning to roast with heat, and now add to it the altered of the seasons of the year as they are today, ¿where you live is notorious?, autumn to winter have their magic, I personally prefer those seasons, I’m allergic to the heat and suffocating sun, well, it’s only tolerated, ha ha ha … you have talent for photography, very good photos, that photo of sunlight through the trees is fantastic, with its tonality golden brown, now to take out the winter clothes saved last year, ha ha ha ha, nice place where you live, greetings from afar, fernando.

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