Oh my God, finally! We’ve only had clouds, clouds, and more clouds for longer than I care to count. And okay, yes, we need clouds if we want snow, but come on. The sun is only up for four and a half hours this time of year, so a sun that’s actually visible is very much appreciated.

And today it was. I headed out before lunch to catch some rays before they disappeared behind the mountains. I chased the sun up snowy forest hillsides and got all wet and cold and snowy, but lord was it worth it. Everything was so beautiful.


Frozen droplets in the trees.




Yellow rays on the bluish snow.



Mist over the snowy lake.


Fluffy clusters of ice crystals in the trees.



Clouds turning pink as the sun disappeared behind the tree tops at one o’clock.



And on the subject of ‘the things we do for a photo’…

But it was a wonderful day that really wiped my soul clean of all the weariness I was carrying around. Now I’m tired in a more physical way, which is better. Time for some mulled wine and Christmas decorating!

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  1. fernando

    hi ingela, wow!. beautiful place and landscapes in the photos, it was worth the effort, and really, good load of batteries go and walk in nature and its own show that offers us. Thanks for sharing these images.

    ha ha ha … in the video, you looked like a Christmas bell with your red skirt frozen.

    Wow!!. 4 hours and a half of sun in winter!!, must be really magical, but really, you should miss the sunlight, especially to be able to be motivated during the day, very good work.

    Have a good snowy week, greetings from a hot distance, Fernando.

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  2. Ingela Bohm Post author

    Thank you! 🙂 I laughed at the Christmas bell comparison, it was very apt. And you’re right, we so miss the sun. Swedish people are notorious sun worshippers, because we get to do it so seldom. 😀

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