January on paper and in pixels


So my next week is all planned out, and I went for a candy colour scheme because why not. Outside is all pinks and baby blues, so this reflects in my journal.


The rest of January is also set up by now.


I have my calendar…

Mars april.jpg

… my project master list…


… my complaints page, my list of things learned, the pat-on-the-back “Well done!” page, Today’s Bonus, and the menu/entertainment spread…


Bra gjort


… and finally my indispensable “home pages” where I jot down notes about all my projects.


Mat och media





No excuse now to lose my way as I venture into 2018!

Incidentally, the way forward is equally clear outside, for which I owe a debt of gratitude to the snow mobile crowd: they create these perfect, hard paths through the woods. If they didn’t, I’d be knee-deep in snow on my walks!



2 thoughts on “January on paper and in pixels

  1. fernando

    hello ingela, this is called “organization”, the calendar is well done, now, I dare to make a suggestion, within the “complaints” page, there could be a hidden section of “firing wall”, I do not know, they say internally inside it always has a hidden place where you have a blacklist to eliminate some “undesirable”. I do not know, it’s a good option, liberating, psychologically speaking, of course, ha ha ha …
    nice pictures, and those walks, I feel envy, ha ha ha …

    Greetings from a distance, from my + 30 ° of heat. fernando

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