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Princess of Swords

A rebel and a free-thinker. A girl who sees through the bullshit – all the bullshit, even the well-meaning bullshit. Can be a pain in the arse, a know-it-all, a party-pooper. But never let it be said that her heart clouds her mind.


Oh my, this is a cool one. Walks her own path and chooses loneliness over a cage. Her sword is still small, because she doesn’t know everything, and she can jump to the wrong conclusions because it’s just so fun to jump. But tell her how she’s wrong, backed up with facts, and she’ll have no trouble changing her mind. After all, her mind is her biggest asset, and who wouldn’t want to develop that?


In popular culture, like movies, the Death card is often used for effect to symbolize – yup, you guessed it: literal, physical death. Which it almost never means in an actual reading. Serious interpretations view the Death card as a more general ending, as leaving something behind, cutting ties and burying the old to make way for something new.


Of course it can still be scary, and still give rise to grief. Big changes are often hard to process, and you may have to prepare for a period of mourning before you move on. But even though Death puts an end to something, it’s not The End. On the other side of sorrow there’s a new beginning, and in the long run, leaving the past behind will likely feel like a relief.

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is a difficult card, denoting pain, grief and separation. A decision has been made, or a distressing discovery, and now your heart is pierced by cold, cruel blades.


You can’t think clearly because of the pain. You’re not even trying to shield yourself from it. You’re just holding your breath, hoping the storm will pass.

And it will.

The Moon

In the Tarot, the Moon stands for confusion, fear and madness, but also for imagination and genius. The light of the moon is bluish and eerie, it makes shadows deep and landscapes pale. It can be hard to find your way in its otherworldly glare – you stumble and fall, you lose your way, you succumb to the magic and howl with the wolves.


But for those who dare to brave this world of illusions, the rewards can be bountiful. It’s during the long dark night of the soul that you find those crazy leaps of logic that spark new innovations and bring the world forward; it’s in this timeless land that artists, musicians and poets find their muse; and if you make it to the other side and wake to a new dawn, you may be holding the answer to your question in your hand – because it came to you in the very dreamscape that almost stole your sanity.