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The High Priestess

You can rationalize all you want – there are other ways of knowing the world. Seated at the edge of a misty pool, the High Priestess gazes into the bottomless depths of the soul. She is the physical manifestation of intuition, but she’s not a person. She’s a force within you, the part that knows without knowing and answers without speaking.

The High Priestess KANSKE RÄTTA 2

But she doesn’t work for nothing. She craves solitude and silence to gauge the minute ripples of the subconscious. Away from the bustle of the world, she operates in mystery and stillness. You cannot hurry her along, you cannot sway her with desperate demands. She moves at her own pace, and wields her power by patience. Answers will come, but not when you want them or in the form you expect. To reach this particular kind of wisdom, waiting and listening is the only course of action.

Take a deep breath. You’re about to be submerged.