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Back on the wagon

Why is it that when we need time to recuperate and be a little less productive for a while, some of us beat ourselves up for not reaching our “usual” standards? And why is it that “usual” standards are often the level we manage when we are at our peak? Shouldn’t it be some kind of middle ground instead?


Sometimes we need to do nothing. To know that yes, in a few days we’ll have to do well at something or other, but that’s way over there in the future. For now, we can rest.


Bujoing has helped me see the things I actually do instead of the things I don’t do. Maybe it can do this for others as well. Instead of constantly focusing on the future and what we haven’t done, we can go back over the pages and see the things we dreaded last week, the giant hurdle we braved last month, and feel satisfied that we pushed through.


And while on the subject of bullet journalling, why beat yourself up over the gaping holes in your habit tracker? So you needed a few days off. Who doesn’t? Be sensible: you’re not going to clean the house every day for the rest of your life, no matter how much you believe it while you’re drawing up your habit tracker.


By all means reach for the stars and reach the treetops, but don’t reach so hard that you dislocate your shoulder. It’s fine to fall off the wagon. The wagon will be there when you want back on, and guess what? You have the perfect getting-back-on list in your habit tracker. A few tasks in and you’ll feel like you were never off track!


Be kind to yourself. You never know when you’ll pay it back. 😉


Berries and stars

An unexpected side effect of both my photography and, weirdly, my back trouble, is that I’m learning to appreciate Moments. You know, the small but good stuff that makes up your life. Chasing subjects makes me alert to beautiful things, and not only visually. When I smell something lovely, like yellowing leaves or rain-drenched birches, I reach for my camera – and then realize that I can’t take a picture of it.


Other things are beautiful but not pleasing to the other senses. Or so I thought. I’ve never been much for redcurrants, but I’ve been snapping so many pictures of them this summer that I just had to sort of complete the image and eat a bowlful with kefir, delicious Russian yoghurt. Well, they were great!




Also, it’s a minor miracle that I could pose like this with my crappy back. It’s been slightly better since my visit with the miracle worker, but full recovery is probably months away. No matter – having these moments of non-pain makes me grateful, and I feel like some disk space is freed up to notice the balmy morning air, or the sun that flits in and out of clouds.


Another thing to be grateful for: mushrooms! The boletus looks like newly baked bread. 🙂 It’s my favourite mushroom – the consistency is lovely.


Nature gives, but she also gives work…


The sheep polypore, turning yellow in the pan. And below, bags of freezer-ready boletus for winter days to come!


After a job well done, we were rewarded with a starry night by the fire.