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Caught in the storm

While I was out photographing the dramatic clouds, they burst.


Here I am, waiting it out in a shed. Sun’s still shining in spite of the pelting rain.


This lake is about five minutes from my house. I’m so lucky.


Backlit by the sunset. Such a calm place.


The village, cowering between the sun and the storm.


The hero shot. 🙂




The quiet heart of the village


This was the first thing I fell in love with when I moved here. It’s a smallish stream in the middle of the village, where anyone can go bathing when the weather’s right.

The night we moved into our house was sweltering, so when the sun started to set, we went down here for a swim. It was a calm and quiet night, the odd mosquito danced in the golden evening light, and a slight haze hovered above the water. We swam upstream, past the red boat, and I could have gone on forever.

It was Paradise, and still is. In another month or so, this is where I’ll be.